Best Itinerary to Cover All Monuments of Agra in Day Trip

Agra is a city which is situated on the banks of the river Yamuna, which is in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh. It is one of the popular and populous cities of Uttar Pradesh and is also amongst one of the metropolitan city of India. The major places which are set for the tourism are notably the Taj Mahal, Agra Fort,and Fatehpur Sikri which are named as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Agra was once the capital, of Mughal empire.

There are various ways of touring the whole Agra through different packages. In the shortest time period, wecan travel Agra in just one day. Different travel agents give different travel packages with different prices and services. Travel agents help with guiding to explore Agra within the same day. Same day Agra tour includes traveling to places like Taj Mahal, Itmad-Ud- Daulah Tomb, Mankameshwar Temple, Ram Bagh, Akbar’s Tomb and Agra Fort. Same day Agra tour can be planned in a manner like:

1) Taj Mahal between 9 am to 11 am – the things we can enjoy here is the monument, prayer room,museum, and the garden. It minimum takes 90 minutes to have an overview of the whole place.


2) Itmad-Ud- Daulah Tomb between 11 am and 12 pm – things which we can enjoy here is carvings and inlay works of the tomb and it is located near river Yamuna.

Itmad-ud daulah

3) Mankeshwar temple between 12 pm to 12:30 – it is a Hindu temple and has four ancient temples and has many markets around it.

4) Ram Bagh between 1:30 pm to 2:30 pm – it is garden and one of the oldest Mughal garden.

5) Akbar’s tomb between 2:30 pm to 3:30 – features we can enjoy in this place that there are 99 names of Allah written on the walls of the monument.
6) Agra fort between 6 pm to 8 pm – it is close to Agra Fort and the thing we can enjoy about the monument is its heritage site, the architectural beauty, and fabulous entertainment shows. Same day Agra tour by car is the best way to explore the whole Agra. Private car is more reliable than any
other means of transport.

The advantages of same day Agra tour by car are :

1) We can explore Agra at our own convenience. That means we need not hurry about any sightseeing.
2) According to the size of the group of people, we can choose the size of the car. There are a variety of cars
available according to our convenience.
3) These cars are privately booked and so travel according to our convenience and need not worry about the
time taken to visit all the places.
4) Security and safety services are rendered in the best possible way.
5) The drivers are one of the best-experienced drivers.
6) They give information about places to the optimum level they can.

The disadvantages of same day taj mahal tour by car are:
1) The cost of transportation is very high.
2) Cost of traveling includes charges of time taken, petrol or fuel expenses, and cost of the vehicle are
calculated separately

An Inside Review On Sunset Taj Mahal Tour

If you are planning out to spend your this year holidays in India, then missing out to capture the beauty of Taj Mahal will end up your whole tour unimpressive for you. Taj Mahal is considered to be the real treasure of the Indian country on which they feel themselves to be so proud of. Let’s take you into the inside world of the sunset Taj Mahal Tour!

Introduction On Sunset Taj Mahal Beauty:

Agra is famously known as one of the most well-known cities in India that is considered to be added to the richness of the monuments. In all such monuments, we would not miss out mentioning the name of Taj Mahal. This fort monument is the perfect example of love that was built by Shah Jahan as in love for his wife Mumtaz Mahal. It completely took the duration span of two years to finish with this whole structure piece. It underwent with the employment of almost two thousand labor hard work all along with the expertize architects. This is the main reason that even today tourists in India, never leave India until and unless they do not catch the beauty of Taj Mahal.


What Is So Breath-Taking About Taj Mahal?

The real beauty of the Taj Mahal is found in the construction and the whole structure of the fort. You would be falling in love with the white marble of the arched tomb that is resting on top of the square platform. For the lovers, poets, and musicians this place is the source of real inspiration. It is situated on the bank of river Yamuna and is part of the Seven Wonders of the World.

No tour to India is complete and perfect until and unless you did not catch the beauty of the Taj Mahal by your eyes. It would not be wrong to say that most of the tourists first head them to Agra in order to witness the exceptional beauty of Taj Mahal as they step into India.

Sunset taj mahal

1. As you will be making your way into the main gate of sunset Taj Mahal Tour, you would capture the beauty of the white marble structure that feels like the appearance of the moon in the sky.

2. The white marble tomb has been finished with the work of the Persian designing on top of its wall.

3. It does contain the verses from the Holy book-Quran that are all inscribed on the walls. This looks so mind-blowing and incredible.

4. Its view during the night time is so splendid looking which no single person would love to miss out. It has the full shining of the white moon staying on top of the tomb.

If you have still not encountered the beauty of Taj Mahal then without wasting any time just book your tickets to Agra right now.  If you are a beginner and hesitate around in starting your Same Day Taj Mahal Tour alone then taking the best assistance from the tourist’s experts would be rather a perfect alternative. Go for it now!

Sаmе Day Jaipur Tоur – Well Designed Itinerary

Day 1 : Delhi – Jаірur – Delhi

Aftеr Breakfast Pісkuр from Hоtеl and drіvе tо Jaipur , Visit Hawa Mаhаl, Ambеr Fort, Jantar Mаntаr, Jai Mаhаl & Cіtу Palace аnd еvеnіng bасk tо Dеlhі, and Transfer tо Hotel / Aіrроrt..

Jаірur іѕ fаmоuѕ аѕ Pіnk City. Thе сіtу is ѕurrоundеd on all ѕіdеѕ bу ruggеd hills аnd symbolizes the nine dіvіѕіоnѕ of thе unіvеrѕе. The city, apart from оffеrіng іnnumеrаblе hіѕtоrісаl monuments, раlасеѕ аnd fоrtѕ раtrоnіzеѕ several аrtѕ tоо with same day jaipur Tour. Fаѕсіnаtіng рlасеѕ worth a vіѕіt include: Amer Pаlасе, City Pаlасе, Hawa Mаhаl, Nahargarh аnd Jаі Gаrh.

Hаwа Mаhаl

Lосаtеd аt Sіеrh Deori bаzаr, Hаwа Mahal, lіtеrаllу the Palace of Winds, buіlt іn 1799 by Mаhаrаjа Sаwаі Pratap Sіngh, displays fаnсіful architecture аnd іѕ a remarkable lаndmаrk оf Jаірur. Sо nаmеd bесаuѕе the раlасе hаѕ ѕресіаllу latticed ѕсrееnѕ and аrсhеѕ fоr аn unbrіdlеd flow оf thе аіr сurrеntѕ but іѕ a set раttеrn wіth thе раѕѕаgе of thе ѕun. Tіll thе rесеnt раѕt, lаdіеѕ оf thе соurt frоm wіthіn the palace роѕіtіоnеd themselves bу thе balconies tо watch рrосеѕѕіоnѕ passing thrоugh іn the streets bеlоw wіthоut thеmѕеlvеѕ bеіng оbѕеrvеd bу thе реорlе.


Amеr Fоrt

In earlier tіmеѕ, thе еntіrе соmрlеx was оwnеd bу thе Minas and dеdісаtеd tо ‘Amba Mаtа’, thе incarnation оf еаrth and fertility. Ambеr overlooks thе Mоаtа Lаkе аnd is rаtеd аѕ a mаrvеl of bаѕtіоn excelling іn аrсhіtесturаl and buіldіng skills. Ambеr hаd the dіѕtіnсtіоn оf bеіng thе capital fоr ѕіx lоng сеnturіеѕ bеfоrе Jаірur саmе іntо being. A fаѕсіnаtіng blеnd оf Hіndu and Muslim іnfluеnсеѕ іѕ dіѕtіnсtlу dіѕсеrnіblе іn its аrсhіtесturе. Amоngѕt thе most majestic оf араrtmеntѕ is Jаі Mаndіr оr the Hall оf Vісtоrу. Thе palace соmрlеx аlѕо boats of a Hаll оf Mіrrоrѕ, thе lіkе of whісh is not ѕееn іn the соuntrу еlѕеwhеrе. Sukh Nіwаѕ, thе Hаll оf Plеаѕurе, is a marvel оf 17th сеnturу еngіnееrіng, іtѕ best fеаt bеіng a unіԛuе ѕуѕtеm of ‘аіr-соndіtіоnіng’. Thе mоdеl ореrаndі wаѕ based оn a сооl breeze blowing thrоugh a fаll оf саѕсаdіng wаtеrѕ. Tо аѕсеnd thе fоrt, jeeps аnd еlерhаntѕ саn bе hіrеd near thе еntrаnсе gаtе.


Jantar Mаntаr

Emреrоr Sаwаі Jаі Sіngh II, the builder of thе city hаѕ tо his credit fіvе оbѕеrvаtоrіеѕ іn different раrtѕ оf the country. Thе оnе hе rаіѕеd аt Jаірur іѕ thе largest and bеѕt рrеѕеrvеd. Hugе іnѕtrumеntѕ in іntrісаtе masonry offer an ассurаtе mеаѕurеmеnt оf the tіmе, thе dесlіnаtіоn of thе ѕun, thе аltіtudе and thе аzіmuth, thе position оf соnѕtеllаtіоnѕ іn the ѕkу fоr thе dау, thе есlірѕеѕ and the allied аѕtrоnоmісаl phenomena.

jantar mantar

Jаl Mаhаl

As іtѕ name denotes, thіѕ іѕ a раlасе buіlt аmіdѕt a lаkе and іntеndеd аѕ thе ѕummеr rеѕоrt for thе rоуаl fаmіlу. The раlасе іѕ nоtеd fоr іtѕ іntrісаtе architecture

City Palace :

This former royal rеѕіdеnсе іѕ an іmроѕіng blend оf trаdіtіоnаl Rаjаѕthаnі and Mughal architecture and the сrаftmаnѕhір. Surrоundеd bу сrеnеllаtеd wаllѕ thіѕ piece-de-resistance of Jaipur’s раlасеѕ occupies one ѕеvеnth оf the wаllеd сіtу, соmрrіѕіng a ѕtrіng оf mіnоr раlасеѕ аnd іmроѕіng hаllѕ, Of ѕресіаl significance іѕ the ‘Chаndrа Mаhаl’ which overlooks thе brеаthtаkіng Jаі Niwas Gаrdеnѕ аnd thе hіghlу rеvеrеd Shrі Gobind Dev Tеmрlе.


Thе Muѕеum within the раlасе hаѕ an аrrау оf galleries оf rаrе paintings, еxԛuіѕіtе mіnіаturеѕ, scholarly manuscripts, artefacts аnd trаdіtіоnаl trеаtіѕеѕ оn architecture. Thе fine соllесtіоn оf gunѕ аnd swords on dіѕрlау dаtеѕ back to thе 15th century and is one оf the bеѕt in India.

Same day Agra Tour and Same Day Delhi Tour also amazing tour for visit city most famous Monuments in one day.


Rajasthan is a fairy tale destination of India. As it literally means to be a land of kings, this state is blessed by a royal touch.The beautiful forts, sand dunes and the colorful people of this state is not only the reason to travel here but this place offers a lot more than any one can imagine. Rajasthani cuisine and the welcoming nature of this royal state is well known. If you are travelling to India then without visiting Rajasthan tour journey will be incomplete. This place offers such a beautiful experience which could not be imagined by anyone. The unending magic of this state is beyond any comparison. As this state was ruled by the rajput kings who fought for their pride and self esteem this heritage of tradition and pride is still dwelling in this state.


Whether you are seeking for joy or peaceful interaction with nature everything is just found here. All the cities here are well planned and welcoming. The nature of the people is very kind and they are ready to help the visitors. The loving nature of the people is also seen in the food as well. Rajasthani cuisine is something which shouldn’t be missed as the flavors are just with every dish which is made here. They serve you with a number of dishes which will in itself make you feel all the more special. The kind gesture of the people of Rajasthan will make you smile and your worries will seem to be gone forever. The more you know about Rajasthan the more you will want to know about it. It’s a never ending story of this beautiful place. The royalty of this state could be well experienced by staying in the palaces which are now turned into hotels.


The colors of this state is so much inspiring that it never get old in the trend setting industry. Many fashion designers visit this place to get inspiration for creating latest trends. This place is a big industry for fabric or we can say a good raw material can be get from here for fabric designing. The bright hues of festivals is seen all the year round in this place and each and every celebration is done with full joy and enthusiasm. Beautiful handicraft and fine art is well preserved here and even the government promote this local art. The folk songs and the dance form is well loved by all.


Best time to visit is from october to march as the climate here is not too hot or too cold during this time of the year. Not to forget to see the wildlife here as it is home to few fascinating sanctuaries. Being traditionally rich in handloom shopping here is always a delightful experience. The semi precious and precious stones are in abundance here and some of the exclusive jewellery can be purchased here. Not only these things attract travellers on India Tour packages but also the painting here is something out of the box and having a very special place in the history of painting.

Delighted Clients :)

Impressive Holidays leaves no stone unturned to impress it clients. We truly understands the difference between a happy client and a delighted client. We put all our efforts to add the DELIGHT quotient to our client’s experience. We offer Same Day Agra Tour Packages that takes care of the client right from the place of arrival till the time client’s reaches the destination for it’s onward journey.

Same Day Agra Tour – Most Popular Tour Package in India

Places to visit- Taj Mahal, Agra Fort, the Tomb of Itmad-ud-daulah, Fatehpur Sikri

The city of Agra is famous for housing one of the wonders of the world, the Taj Mahal. This marble beauty attracts travellers in large numbers not just from India but from all across the globe. Dying love The Symbol of love is visited by tourists to be witness to the undying love of the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan for his wife Mumtaz Mahal. There are many other sightseeing attractions in the city of Agra. The Same day tour of Agra is a convenient and comfortable option particularly for those who have busy schedules but a keen desire to visit the city. It is easily accessible by bus, train and car. The trip starts from Delhi and one can return to Delhi at night after completing the sightseeing. In fact the Yamuna Expressway has made the distance more comfortable. Continue reading “Same Day Agra Tour – Most Popular Tour Package in India”

Delhi Agra Jaipur Trip enjoy with Amritsar – Unique Experience of the India

While reserving for your Delhi Agra Jaipur Trip, you should have the unmistakable picture in your mind – three urban regions of India having their long and prosperous history. They have the evident points of interest you appreciate, and they have their rich culture that you have to witness. In the meantime envision a situation in which we say that there is something remarkable you can anticipate from this trip, by including a few bucks in your costs, one more day to your journey and one more city to your destinations. Consider adding Amritsar to your journey and you will witness something which is still unexplored by the individual. Continue reading “Delhi Agra Jaipur Trip enjoy with Amritsar – Unique Experience of the India”